Chemo Curls Care

Going natural? In most cases we try too much on our wild hair from other” people's testimony, finding yourself with more harm to our hair. Try to study and adhere to what works for nice hair, don't just jump on the bandwagon. I remember trying a specific wild hair product which many others have testified will wonders with their wild hair, and then my head of hair began dropping and breaking unusually. I stopped after some usage. Merely to make sure, I attempted it again after a long while, getting the same locks losing. That was while i knew that this wasn't for me personally.
Update: I showering each morning, so my locks gets rinsed every day at minimum, but I've only been cleaning it every 2-3 days and nights and I haven't had a need to use dry shampoo on the off days and nights (like I used to). My scalp is brief, which probably helps, but I do put product in it daily (matte clay + hairspray). Despite my skepticism, this shampoo does seem to get actually reduced the quantity of oil my scalp produces and my hair is less oily overall than it used to be. I am very content with this purchase and will be buying more once i run out.
If you want to get rid of oily scalp, then lemon juice is your way to the problem. Remove the juice out of one lemon. Mixture it in a cupful of water and then, add 3 teaspoons of honey to it. Mixture these three substances well and then, let them dissolve completely in the. Apply this combination on your scalp and allow it be there for about three to four 4 minutes. Clean it off by using a shampoo. Repeat this three times a week for best to take care of long hair for male
Do not compare your progress with others. I seriously shaved my locks the same time as another Youtuber, and her scalp is twice the space as mine. Apart from the undeniable fact that she had a better handle on how to care for her scalp, she was taking vitamin supplements, exercising, eating healthy, drinking water constantly, giving training seminars on hair care, etc. I put school stress, didn't exercise, I ate as healthy I possibly could remember but not that healthy by many persons' benchmarks, I didn't remember to drink normal water especially when I used to be active working. Sometimes, I didn't eat breakfast time and lunch time. I've given birth (during that year, my mane had continued to be the same period). Most of us have different situations. So don't compare, because that might lead to unwanted stress.
On holiday, the mixture of sea, pool & sun is lethal to flowing hair. If you do not take care of it, it will get dry, flat and brittle as you get back from holiday. For certain, you can decide on a protective hair style as braids, which will reduce manipulation and threat of breakage of your hair. But such a method makes the rinsing and caring step after going swimming more difficult.